Welcome to Cast Stone Industries

We identified a niche market for CAST STONE building and construction products and set about establishing the business. It became very clear to us that the need for this type of product was already extensive and growing.
We offer a wide variety of unique products:

 An extensive range of floor tiles including complimentary tread and skirting tiles.
 An extensive range of modular wall cladding tiles including wrap-around corner cladding.
 An extensive range of cobblestone paving.
 An extensive range of modular flagstone paving including pool and stair copings.

Chapter Paving in both circular and hexagonal designs.
Retaining wall and terrace block systems.
Wall and column system including complimentary column caps and wall copings.
An extensive range of landscape products including

  • sleepers
  • path winders
  • stepping stones,
  • garden edgings
  • kerbs
  • tree rings
  • water stones
  • bollards
  • ornaments
  • furniture

Today we operate an extremely successful business in Rustenburg (in the heart of the Platinum Province), Noth West, South Africa. Boasting one of the largest selection of CAST STONE products in the country, supplying all our local Architects & Developers, Home, Business, Lodge & Hotel Owners, Building Contractors, Pool & Lapa Contractors, Landscape Contractors, Paving Contractors, Tiling Contractors and the public at large.

We are continuously sourcing new ideas and developing new product ranges, while ensuring that we remain competitive and attract new markets and clientele at every opportunity.

Recently there has been an overwhelming number of requests from others to manufacture out CAST STONE products, under license, from within other regions of the country. It was decided that manufacturing licenses could become a very effective way of growing the CAST STONE brand, making our products more accessible, creating autonomous business opportunities and ultimately strengthening the business by and large.


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